Tuesday, September 14, 2010

suffering from "gamer's pre-release syndrome"

MW2 was a massive failure due to IW's decision to disable the developer's console, to disallow dedicated servers and to disallow mod/compile tools. the game itself is awesome but as an online gamer, having to put up with IWNet is sheer torture. IWNet is complete pile of shit.

let's be clear, i call MW2 a massive failure because it failed to give me the things i want in an FPS game for pc. however, IW and Activision made a gazillion $$$ off MW2 given that console gamers (PS, XBox, etc) out-number pc gamers worldwide 7049 to one. those folks bought the game and didn't give a rat's ass about dedicated servers or any of my other concerns because console gamers don't have any of those things to begin with. as such, they lost nothing. we pc gamers were robbed.

it's all very well documented. google MW2.

along came alterIWNet and i must admit they've made MW2 playable for me, though they have yet to deliver dedicated servers for the game. my suffering continues.

CoD4 is a great game but i've logged so many hours playing it... you get my drift.

now here comes Treyarch and CoD Black Ops (BO).
dedicated servers? yes. developer's console? yes. mod/compile tools? i think yes.


bad news is the release date is 11.9.10